Sports Courts & Specialty Coatings

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Sports Coating Services

Pave America guarantees that sports courts are built and maintained with expertise through high-quality, performance-enhancing specialty coatings. All coatings are tailored to their respective projects to provide top-of-the-line durability, grip, and visual appeal.

Our comprehensive sports coating services are some of the best in the industry because we offer project-unique solutions to elevate the appearance and performance of all athletic surfaces. Pave America sports coatings meet each sport’s demand and ensure excellent traction, longevity, and resilience. Our coatings deliver optimal performance through durability and aesthetic appeal.

The Speciality Coating Process

Want to know what goes into our specialty coating process? Check out the steps below.

Prepare the Surface

We clean the pavement’s surface thoroughly to remove any dirt, oil, grease, or other contaminants that could prevent proper adhesion.

Apply the Coating

We apply the specialty coating by spraying, rolling, or brushing. We may apply multiple coats to achieve the desired thickness, depending on the surface and coating type.

Cure & Finish

We allow the coating to cure to ensure that it forms a durable protective layer over the pavement. We perform any required finishing touches, like leveling, smoothing, or applying a topcoat.
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Benefits of Specialty Coatings

Schedule a resurfacing & specialty coating service to enjoy the following benefits to your tennis, basketball, or other sports courts:

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