Safety Features

traffic cones on roadway pavement markings

What Are Pavement Safety Features?

Pavement safety features include design elements on roads, walkways, parking lots, and other paved surfaces that enhance safety for all users. They also help regulate traffic, guide road users, provide clear communication of rules and warnings, and reduce the risk of accidents. Whatever safety features you need, our team can provide them.

The Process

We follow these three steps when implementing any kind of safety feature.
close up of parking lot curbs

Safety Assessment

We assess the pavement in question to identify high-risk areas, potential hazards, and traffic patterns. We develop a comprehensive safety plan based on the assessment’s results that outlines necessary safety features.
crosswalk pavement markings

Install & Implement

Depending on what safety measures are needed, we may apply pavement markings, install traffic signs, set up crosswalks, or add speed humps—among other things.

crosswalk road sign close up

Maintain & Evaluate

We will help you maintain and evaluate the effectiveness of the safety measures implemented to ensure functionality and safety for years to come. We will adjust, remove, or add features as needed.
safety photo grid

Benefits of Pavement Safety Features

Road safety features offer various benefits to motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians alike.

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