Parking Lot Maintenance & Repair

Pave America is the leading national provider of parking lot maintenance and repair services. When you don’t want to worry about tending to your pavement, we’ll do it for you so you can focus on other things. Contact us today to schedule a service with America’s favorite parking lot paving company.

Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance & Repair Services


Parking lots, roadways & other asphalt surfaces will inevitably begin to crack, settle, and form potholes due to weather, traffic, and natural shifting of the ground over time. Asphalt repair methods like infrared patching are a great way to repair potholes or areas that have minor damage. Infrared patching is a seamless, thermally bonded, cost-effective alternative to traditional asphalt patching. For areas that have failed completely, full-depth asphalt patching or re-paving is required.

Environmental factors like harsh weather conditions and natural ground movements cause parking lots to wear down more rapidly. Not only does Sealcoat improve the curb appeal of your property, it also protects your asphalt surfaces from drying out and cracking due to oxidation from the sun and excessive salt during the winter months. Done right, sealcoating can greatly extend the life of your pavement.

parking lot pothole repair

Potholes are bad news for your bumper and tires—not to mention they’re outright annoying to drive over. In an emergency, we can fill the potholes with either cold patch or hot-mix asphalt for a temporary fix. For a permanent fix, we repair potholes by patching the area with infrared patching or traditional patching methods.

The drainage and utility systems located beneath the surface of your parking lot protect it from water damage by ensuring adequate drainage. We maintain and repair existing drainage systems and install new ones to maximize the longevity of your pavement.

Parking Lot Maintenance Pavement markings

Make your parking lot more efficient and ensure it’s ADA-compliant with professional striping and markings. These visual symbols and cues help motorists and pedestrians navigate the surface more easily by telling them which direction to travel in, when to stop, and where to park.

Parking lot maintenance crack filling

Parking lots are prone to cracking. To prevent the cracks from growing in size and multiplying in number, they must be filled. We use durable crack filling material to fill the cracks and prevent new ones from forming, helping your parking lot last longer.

parking lot concrete services

Whether you need new curbing, sidewalks, or other concrete structures—like bollards, aprons, or car stops—our concrete services have you covered. Our team will help you increase curb appeal (literally) while keeping safety in mind.

parking lot covered in snow

Accidents are more likely to happen when parking lots are covered with ice and snow. Cars can collide, pedestrians can slip and fall, and bicyclists can lose control in a second. We’ll keep your parking lot free from ice and snow all winter long to protect users from getting injured.

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Benefits of Parking Lot Maintenance

Routine parking lot maintenance offers many benefits to business owners and property owners nationwide. Here are the top five reasons why you should schedule a parking lot maintenance service today.

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