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Determining the Best Solution for Your Pavement Project

Because not every asphalt paving project is one size fits all

Pave America is dedicated to understanding your needs and responding to them with customized asphalt paving solutions. With years of industry experience under our belts, we’ll help you get the most out of your investment. Plus, we’ll communicate with you clearly and support you from day one to ensure a stress-free experience.

Our Nationwide Asphalt Paving Services

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Asphalt Overlay & Resurfacing

Want to extend the life of your parking lot without breaking the bank? Overlay is a great option for those on a budget. This type of resurfacing revives old asphalt by repairing problems and placing a new layer on the existing pavement to strengthen it.

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Expansion & New Paving

Our service crews pave everything from parking lots and roadways to special expansion and addition projects. You can count on us to deliver work that exceeds your expectations, satisfies your budget, and meets your time constraint.
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Reclamation & Repaving

If resurfacing isn’t enough to salvage your damaged pavement, we can provide reliable reclamation and repaving services to make things right. Whether you need total removal and repaving, milling and overlay, or pulverization and paving, we’ve got you covered.

Why Should an Area Be Repaved? ​

Repairs can’t always correct your pavement problems. Sometimes, the existing pavement has sustained enough damage to require an entirely new pavement to replace it. The severity of the damage is a key factor in choosing between a simple resurfacing and a total pavement and sub-grade reconstruction. Our team will perform a core test to assess the condition of the existing sub-grade.

What to Expect Throughout the Asphalt Paving Process

Here’s what you can expect from our crew members while they work on your pavement.
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We grade the existing pavement, create a new base layer, and perform all other initial project tasks.
Asphalt Paving and Catch Basin Implementation

We implement catch basins and other tools to assemble an efficient drainage system that will prolong the life of your new pavement.

contractors paving roadway with asphalt
We apply the new asphalt.
Asphalt paving, rolling, and compacting new asphalt
We roll and compact the new asphalt to create a seamless finish.
marking street with double yellow pavement markings

We apply any pavement markings, assemble road signs, and complete any other finishing touches.

What Are the Contributing Factors to Asphalt Deterioration?

The deterioration of your pavement surface may occur due to several reasons. An essential consideration to always keep in mind is always remember that your overall pavement condition will only be as good in the long run as to what is underneath in respect to the subgrade and related preparation when first installed. This is directly related to the initial main cause and that is the correct thickness of your pavement surface.

Other related factors and variations include: ​

Traffic Weight Load Issues

Regional Climate Changes

Oil & Gas Spots from Automobiles

Insufficient Water Drainage

Inadequate Frequency of an On-going Maintenance Plan

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How to Extend the Life of Your Asphalt

Prioritizing Preventative Maintenance is key to protecting your investment and extending the life of your asphalt.

Maintaining your pavement is the best way to extend its service life and prolong the need for repairs or replacements. Our team of commercial asphalt paving contractors has dedicated years to developing maintenance strategies that preserve pavements, prevent future deterioration, and enhance functionality for years to come.

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