Pavement Markings & Line Striping

process of applying pavement markings

What Are Pavement Markings?

Pavement markings are visual cues and symbols that help motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians navigate roads safely. They play a crucial role in regulating traffic flow, indicating lane divisions, signaling stops or crosswalks, and enhancing overall road safety. Our comprehensive pavement marking services are sure to make road navigation easier and safer from start to finish.

The Pavement Markings Process

Here’s a breakdown of our tried and true pavement marking process.
pavement markings preparation

Prepare the Surface

We clean and dry the pavement, which includes removing any oil and loose debris. A thorough clean ensures proper adhesion of the markings.
pavement markings application

Apply the Markings

We apply the pavement markings using specialized equipment, like paint striping machines, thermoplastic applicators, or epoxy-based paints. Common markings include lane lines, crosswalks, arrows, and symbols.
pavement markings drying

Dry & Cure

Once the marking material dries completely, the pavement is ready for use.
pavement markings photo grid

Benefits of Pavement Markings

Clear pavement markings offer six key benefits.

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