Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities pride themselves on patient well-being. That’s why safe and accessible environments are a key part of that goal. Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, outpatient facilities, family clinics, and more, need premium asphalt and concrete services.

Asphalt & Concrete Paving for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

The variety of healthcare facilities requires unique asphalt and concrete needs compared to other industries. Pavements found at healthcare facilities must accommodate emergency vehicles, healthcare equipment, and vulnerable patients in any situation around the clock.

Why Healthcare Facilities Need Quality Paving Services

Prioritizing Access During Paving Projects

At Pave America, we understand that doctor’s offices and hospitals (emergency rooms specifically) cannot shut down for work and must operate efficiently to accommodate their patients. Pave America pays special attention to the important details when scheduling our jobs. Our scheduling department works closely with the security and facility teams to design traffic patterns to complete work while making it easy for patients and visitors to navigate the job sites. Our locations have the resources and ability to begin work at night to better accommodate the facility if needed.

paving contractor working on asphalt pavement

Our Asphalt Paving & Concrete Solutions

Each of our self-performing locations offers a comprehensive list of asphalt paving and concrete solutions for healthcare facilities across the country. Provide the safest environment for patients and staff by scheduling these services with a leading national provider.

Parking Lot Maintenance Pavement markings

Pavement Markings

Pavement markings are a crucial component in navigating roads and properties. Having the proper directional pavement markings and clearly marked parking stalls helps get patients and staff where they need to go faster and safer. It may be an afterthought, but accurate pavement markings at healthcare facilities save valuable time.

Parking lot maintenance crack filling

Crack Filling

Healthcare facilities see a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. Over time, parking lots and roadways around your healthcare facility will experience wear and tear, leading to the development of cracks. Pave America offers crack-filling services to minimize water penetration and further crack expansion, extending the life of your pavement.

ADA Parking Requirements

Pave America can assist in ensuring your facility is ADA-compliant by installing necessary signage, striping, and curbing that meets regulations.

  • Enhanced accessibility
  • Enhanced safety
  • Legal compliance
  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced liability
  • Increased inclusivity
crosswalk road sign close up

Safety Features

Healthcare facilities pride themselves on providing safety for their patients, and Pave America believes in that too. Pave America can install necessary safety features like speed bumps, humps, and clear signage for benefits such as:

  • Fewer traffic accidents
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Improved traffic flow
  • Clear communication
  • Increased visibility
  • Reckless driving prevention

Parking Lot Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating protects asphalt surfaces from damage like oxidation, water infiltration, and other environmental factors that accelerate premature deterioration. Because healthcare facilities harbor more wear and tear in their parking lots, Pave America can establish a regular game plan and application of sealcoating to prevent those various damages. Regular sealcoating services on your parking lot will keep it in great shape for a longer time.

concrete ramp

Concrete & Curbing

Turning to Pave America for your concrete and curbing needs will benefit your healthcare property by providing:

  • Durable, long-lasting infrastructure
  • Enhanced safety
  • Improved aesthetics and curb appeal
  • Effective water drainage
  • Customizable design options
  • Reduced need for maintenance
  • Increase property value
  • Proper alignment and delineation
parking lot pothole repair

Asphalt Patching & Pothole Repairs

If your healthcare facility is home to potholes, Pave America has asphalt patching and pothole repairs to remedy that issue. Not only are potholes an eyesore, they are a safety hazard for pedestrians, cars, and emergency vehicles.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking Lot Maintenance

The maintenance of your facility's parking lot is a huge part of maintaining a safe and serviceable area for your patients and staff. The benefits of routine maintenance through Pave America will increase safety, maximize parking lot space, and prolong longevity, just to name a few.

Benefits of Parking Lot Paving Services for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities getting their parking lot paving services through Pave America provide optimal safety for patients and staff while saving time and money. From patients to employees, everyone can benefit from the safe and welcoming environment made possible by Pave America.

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